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    Ho, all---

    Has anyone had any luck with installing ICQ/Palm on the Visor?

    I don't have a modem, so I'm using the MobileLink built-in app. Set server to @ port 4000. Config network menu with ISP info & DNS. Tap on the ICQ icon, and put in ICQ # & password. When I HotSync, it goes to first (I have that set up), then to After a while, I get "Failure to connect to MAL server" error.

    Never completes registration process. Been fooling around with this for a week or two. Emailed ICQ support- no response. Checked their ICQHelp chatroom- no help.

    Please respond here or email me at

    Larry ;-)
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    No offence but why would you try to connect to ICQ without a modem? I'd think it would be sorta hard to use ICQ when you are offline and can't recieve replies or anything.
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    I plan to get a modem at a later time.

    My primary use would be to do offline messaging and then sync, sending the messages thru the wonderful world of ICQ.
    Kinda similar to offline reading/replying to email.

    Larry ;-)

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