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    One beautiful thing about pocket pc phones is windows media player and wmv's.

    I'm not familiar with palm's video potential. Can someone suggest the best progs to use to watch/encode video on my treo 650? Thanks.
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    I use Pocket DVD Studio to encode the movies and MMplayer to watch the movies.
    Others use a combination of free programs, but I preferred these. If you search under multimedia you will see "tons" of threads about these programs.

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    I capture TV show's/movies using winTV pvr USB2 using the MPEG setting "vcd" with audio set to mono. I don't use the palm installers (since they'll try to convert the video to .asf unless you rename the file before installing to .pdb and rename it back after installing using fileZ), instead a card reader or card export II works better and is much quicker. <P>

    The picture & video application that ships with the treo 650 can play this file without any conversion. <P>

    For dvds I planning on using pocketDVD to capture it, smartmovie converter (dramtically shrink the file size), and smart movie player.<P>

    mmplayer also is a good player.

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