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    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but a quick search found nothing. I would like to find an arm band that holds my treo on my arm while I'm working out. Does anyone know of such a case or something else that could hold the treo on your person while working out? Thanks for the advice in advance!
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    I tried to make one...out of the 4.99 handspring case from treocentral....looks big and bulky and didnt work out too well! ehhehe
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    I run and bike and lift weights with AB3 MP3 Armband Carrier from TuneBelt.

    It works great.
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    Looking online, it seems like the Treo will stick out quite a bit with that AB3. Do you have any problems with the Treo sticking out too much, not fitting snug or being too bulky on the arm?

    Do you use the TreoCentral headphone adapter? Seems like that would add another inch or two to the height...
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    I just received the case. I had to "operate" on the case to cut a whole in the bottom for the headphone adapter so I can plug it into the bottom of the treo through the hole in the case (adaptor is out of the case at the bottom). That surgery completed, the phone sticks out about one inch out of the top, not including the antenna. It does fit in there quite snugly though, so I think it will work fine when I finally use it when working out.

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