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    Any ever had this happen:

    I had my Treo 600 with me today at the airport. I was checking my e-mail as I was waiting in the line to have my carry on luggage scanned. Everything was working fine. As I neared the x-ray machine, I placed the phone in my bag and ran the bag through the x-ray. After retrieving my bag on the other side, I took the phone out again to continue reading my e-mail. When I turned it on the screen had vertical color lines running through it, red, blue, yellow in a repeating pattern. The phone was placed in the front pocket of my briefcase when it went through the scanner and there was nothing heavy on top of it, or even near it for that matter. There is no physical damage, that I can see, to the screen. What I know is that it was working on one side and not working on the other. I have tried resetting the phone to no avail. Anyone else ever had this problem?
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    I'm guessing this might be a coincidence, having nothing to do with the x-ray machine. I always put my laptop and phone in a tray through the x-ray machines, not leaving it in a bag, but I've had no trouble at all, neither with the phone or the info in the SD cards.
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    Nor have I. For the life of me I can't fathom what could have caused the problem, it just seemed awful strange that it worked going in and didn't work coming out.
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    I travel a lot - and always just put my Treo 600 into the plastic bins going through security. And I always have a 256 MB SD card in it.

    Never have had a problem or data loss. Last month I was in & out of LAX & SFO, several Hawiian airports (w. BIG X-ray machines), plus several stops further west.

    Security x-rays are not the problem.
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    I fly on average 2-3 times per week and this particular phone has been through x-ray machines hundres of times without a problem. I just thought it was a strange coincidence. Maybe its time was up.
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    Oh dear. That sounds like a very unusable looking screen. Maybe magnetic interference? or Radiographic exposure damaged it?
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    Trade it in and demand a 650! That is what I would do!
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    the vertical lines was a common problem, although I haven't specifically heard about it since the Palm V. Back then, I called Palm and told them what was happening and they didn't hassle me at all, and sent me a new one.
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    Luckily I already have a 650. The 600 was with Sprint and the 650 is with Cingular. I bought the 600 in October of 2003. It was replaced in May 2004 for some problem - I really can't rembmer why at the moment. I have the receipt for the exchange. Seeing as though the original purchase was more than a year ago, I suspect that I'm out of luck. I guess it can't hurt to try though. I'm assuming that since the phone is Sprint branded I need to go through Sprint as opposed to P1?

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