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    I'm trying out the app called Cleanup.
    According to the manual,
    When deleting items, the Backup option guarantees you will never lose important information; since deleted items can ALWAYS be restored.

    Previously backed-up files and preferences are accessible via the View Selector.
    When viewing Backed-Up Preferences or Backed-Up Files, you can restore them by selecting the desired item and tapping Restore.
    I can't find this Restore button anywhere.
    Here's my guess, it's only available once I register. Is that the case?
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    I too am trying out CleanUp. I inadvertenly deleted preferences that I needed. I went to the "Backed-Up Preferences" screen. At the bottom there are two bottons: "Restore" and "delete". Using this restore buttom I was able to restore all my needed preferences successfully.
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    Thank you so much. I was navigating back up the tree to the card then finding the files I wanted to restore on the card and wondering what to do with them. (I thought the Restore button would be there.)
    Thanks! I was in a panic.

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