Ok, I have spent quite some time getting the WebSphere EveryWhere Micro Environment working with what I'm trying to do.

Here's the scoop.....

I have a bluetooth GPS reciever, a laptop, and a treo 650. I am writting an application that will reverse engineer my gps receiver and grab data from it via bluetooth and post the data to my personal web site at home so people can track my current location. This application works like a dream when using my laptop to retrieve data from my bluetooth gps receiver. Since the laptop is big I figured I would create a MIDlet and run the application on my phone. When I do this I can't even discover any devices.

My environment is:
WebSphere EveryWhere Micro Environment J9
Developing using Eclipse. Packaging using Suns J2ME wireless toolkit. Converting jad to prc file using WEME jadtoprc program.
using JSR82 for bluetooth APIs.

As I understand the Treo 650 supports MIDP2.0 and CLDC1.1 and Palm as Bluetooth specification 1.1.

Funny thing is, when I run the code on the J2ME wireless toolket simulator everything works great but I don't find any devices. When I run the code using my standalone Java program it works great! Do I need to install a different bluetooth stack on my phone??

I'm completely lost, and a little frustrated since I know this works on my laptop. There are so many different JVMs to use on our phones and very little documentation.

I would use the Location API for getting my coordinates off my treo phone, but sprint seems to have that feature turned off on our phones!!!

If anyone can provide me any detail at all, it would be greatly apprciated. I've been working with Java for 5 years but this is my first j2me app.


When I deploy the code on