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    Has anybody else experienced Botzam Backup no longer honoring its license key? I had been running it for well over a year on my Treo 600, when suddenly last week it stopped working. The handset WAS replaced about two months ago under warranty.

    It appears to have stopped honoring its license key. Launching the app goes directly to the license entry screen, but when I re-enter my key it complains that it's invalid. My Hotsync ID hasn't changed. None of my other licensed software has stopped working either. Failure mode remains the same whether I launch from the copy installed on the Treo, or from the SD card. Upgrading to the latest download didn't help either.

    With the app refusing to continue, I can't easily determine the date of the last successful backup, much less actually restore the image in case of a disaster!

    Moreover, Botzam has been completely unresponsive since I send an e-mail to their support mailbox last Thursday...not even an automated acknowledgement, much less a support ticket number. It was a great product while it worked, but at the moment I'm less-than-thrilled with the company.

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    I was thinking about purchasing this app, please keep us up to date with what happens. If the customer service is that bad, then perhaps I should look elsewhere for a good backup program! Too bad, as this seems to be the only one that doesnt reset my treo everytime I run it, and also restores almost every file, with 2 or 3 exceptions that I can easily replace manually from the card.
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    I had a registered version of Botzam, and several months ago I did something that caused it to lose its license info (I think I downloaded a minor version upgrade or something.), and it wouldn't take the license key again. Anyway I emailed Botzam, and never heard a word back. Nothing! I switched to Backupman and have been real happy with it. Now that's on a 600. I've heard a lot of buzz on this forum about problems with Backupman on the 650. I don't know where that stands.
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    Things don't look good for this company's customer service. Anyone else have input on this, as this is really the only backup Ive tried that will restore without constant resets!!
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    Any update on this? I'm looking for a backup program and Botzam Backup seems to have a few plusses despite the lack of much mention of it on this board.

    - Claims to be the only backup program to copy pictures files.
    - Apparently got inside help from PalmOne during development and was licensed by P1 to use on their own stand-alone backup cards.

    Any other experience with Botzam Backup? Perhaps I should try to call them first before buying.

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    The license key problem turned out to be a minor error in capitalization when I migrated desktops, compounded by inconsistent case-sensitivity among Palm apps. When I moved my Palm desktop from Windows to a Mac, my Hotsync ID lost its capitalization, but kept on syncing anyway. Palm Desktop didn't notice, nor did DateBk5, but Botzam's key no longer matched my ID, and it stopped working.

    To their credit, this is the only problem I've ever had with Botzam. It's about as pain-free a backup package as you'd want, and it works great...when Sprint replaced my handset, I had no trouble making the new one exactly like the old one.

    Botzam's customer support was earnest, at least, but amateurish. I got a couple of "oh, I thought I'd taken care of that" responses before we got all sorted out. IMHO they should (1) publish a phone support number, (2) commit to 1-business-day turnaround on support requests, (3) alter the lockout procedure so you can restore the last backup anyway, or at least let you determine that it's still keeping your data safe while you're out of commission.

    In general though, the positives outweigh the negatives, and I'd still recommend it.


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