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    What am I doing wrong? Seems like when I sync my treo
    then try to go into versa mail it reboots the device. I'm almost ready to say forget this, is it really worth the trouble? However, I really like the device it is sweet but, I just bought it on 3-3-05. Could it be in the treo 650 software that I loaded on my pc ? Advice please?
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    im serious when i say this...when in doubt hard reset the phone AND uninstall the PalmOne software from computer...delete everything (ie the PalmOne folder left in the Program Files folder)...when in doubt start again...i ended up doing that yesterday to my treo 650
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    Palm one has addressed this with this support page:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(36541),ts=Palm_External2001

    Follow these instructions to delete corrupt versamail databases and you should be fine. This was posted earlier, use your search to find previous posts.
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    And after you've done that, don't ever use Versamail again!!! It's not worth the grief.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhifi
    And after you've done that, don't ever use Versamail again!!! It's not worth the grief.
    What mail program would you recomend?
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    T750 w/Cingular
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    versamail is POS, snapper is the way
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    In the 2+ weeks that I have had my Treo 650, I have setup 2 email accounts with Versamail. They are both pop 3 accounts and I haven't had a problem yet. My wife is currently in Europe and is using our 650 with Versamail. It has been smooth sailing so far.
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    I use Versamail without problem, I find it faster than SnapperMail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    i like versamail, and i have no problems with it
    yeah me too. versamail has been flawless from the get go
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    I had some minor problems setting up versalmail initially, but it has been running flawlessly for weeks now. Follow P1's directions and you should be find.
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    Hey guys thanks for the advice. Called tech. support and they walked me through the deletion of corrupt files. We changed the user profile. Now versa mail works flawlessly. I LOVE this machine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kosh5
    What mail program would you recomend?
    Chatter Email
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    I JUST had this happen and I was about to freak out.

    I think I know how I screwed it up though. I "accidentally" tried to email a big WAV file to someone and drove int a no-coverage area. The Treo sorta hung there. So I pulled the battery. I know I know. Stupid move.

    That's what probably corrupted my versamail files. *shrugs* All is well now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolio
    Chatter Email
    Chatter is only good for IMAP, not POP3 so it depends what you're looking for, while Snapper (the new version) supports both.

    Personally I'd like to join the chorus of people who are happy with Versamail. I've tried Agendus Mail and Snapper and I ended up going with Versa.
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    I have problems with VersaMail auto-syncing to our Lotus Domino IMAP server. Manual sync works fine most of the time, but auto sync fails every time.
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    Their supposed to release an update for Versamail for Sprint PCS, next week or so. I hope so, I would like to try VersaCrap again..
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    I has 2 treo 650. One of them suddenly developed the same problem with Versamail. I got it fixed one time after hard reset. Then again the same proble. I followed the steps to delete certain files as mentioned in the beginning of the threard. It works grat now.
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    Anybody compare VersaMail versions (Sprint vs. latest GSM unlocked)? Maybe the GSM has the newer version Sprint will be offering?


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