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    i replaced my oLd treo 650 with this new treo 650 and this time with 32K sim card (both 64k G and A didint work for me) now i have no problem with reset issues and voice mail. but the internet connection VERY SLOW always give me massege TIMED OUT TRY AGAIN.

    i had no problem before with 64k is it possible because the 32K

    i live in california fresno
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    sim card has nothing to do with GPRS/EDGE speed
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    or its may be cingular rep did it????
    i called them 4 days ago regarding problems not recieving text masseges and multi media, TE PDA TECH SUPPORT told me im on the wrong plan (media work 19.99 the old one) he said i should have the pda plan 39.99 and up also he mentioned if I DECIDE TO KEEP THE TREO 650 AND DONT UPGRADE TO 39.99 I WILL EXPERIANCE SERVICE INTRUPTION.

    so may be he did something???
    i think he was pissed off because i told him that 19.99 and 39.99 plans they are the same only that CINGULAR RASING THE PRICE NOT THE BARS

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