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    Hey guys...

    So I just picked up a new Treo 650 from Cingular. And I received a voicemail this afternoon and when I tried to retrieve it (by pressing and holding '1'), it asked me for my provider's voicemail number.

    So I put in the voicemail number that my Cingular prepaid phone uses to retrieve voicemail. Well, apparently, the number is incorrect 'cause it kept telling me that for security purposes to please access my voicemail from my handset.

    So I tried to edit the Favorite, but the phone number field is inaccessible. The only part that I can edit is the Ringtone. Does anyone know how I can edit this number... and what IS my voicemail number?

    I tried dialing myself and that apparently worked... so is that the right number? Or is there a particular "voicemail center" number like on my prepaid phone and my T-Mobile phone?

    BTW, I thought the original problem might be the SIM problem some people have experienced with the corrupt voicemail number, but I confirmed and I have the 64-bit Axalto SIM card... so I think I'm good to go on that end.

    Thanks in advance guys!
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    To the best of my knowledge there is NO way to edit it. You had your one shot and you blew it.

    You can move that favourite by "edit favourites pages" and then draging it to an unused page. You can then create a new favourite for VM (but you can't use "1" for the quick key as that is already used.

    A hard reset should allow you to reenter your VM number. If that doesn't work a hard reset without the SIM in will do the trick.

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    You CAN edit the voicemail favorites button. There was a thread about this a while back that was very helpful. In fact, you can edit or remove all of the other preset favorites as well. The instructions can be found in this thread:

    By editing the PhoneFavorites2DB with a utility like Filez, I deleted all of the unwanted favorites, changed the Voicemail shortcut key from "1" to "V" and changed the attributes of that shortcut so that it is now editable from the shortcuts pages.

    As far as what the number to dial for voicemail is, I always use my phone number, at least that way I know it will count as M2M minutes. I think there are other numbers for different regions, but I don't know what they all are. Again, I think there was a thread sometime back where people were posting the various call-in numbers. Maybe if you do a search you can find it.
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    God Bless you Creighton!

    FILEZ worked like a charm. Oddly though, when I edited the phone number in Hex Editor, the change didn't take. It was only after I changed the 3 offset to '00' to allow the Favorite to be edited in the Phone app was I able to edit it.


    I had called Cingular again because the OTA Update didn't work and they said the only work around they had was to go to the Cingular store, take my SIM out, put it in a new Treo 650, reprogram the number, and then put it back in my old Treo!

    So thanks a million for saving me a trip to the store...

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    You're welcome. I wouldn't wish a Cingular, or Sprint for that matter, CSR on my worst enemy. I had the same problem when I tried editting the voicemail number in the HEX editor for the first time. I was eventually able to get it to work, however as it turns out it's really a non-issue since you can change offset 3 to allow it to be editable from within the phone app.
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    Here's my nickel...I am technically a Cingular user who migrated from AT&T Wireless. I have been following the threads (thanks to everyone for sharing) and spoke with both Cingular CSRs and then AT&T Customer Care reps. The AT&T CCSR told me to visit a store for faster service. I visited 2 Cingular stores only to find out that the Cingular reps are not very technical (or caring) and was eventually referred to the AT&T rep who was well aware of this issue. I mentioned the SIM threads and asked about swapping out my Gemplus SIM- (other than the VM issue, my T650 has worked flawlessly) the answer was "sure, but you probably dont want to unless you were a Cingular customer." He took my SIM, put it into his MotoRZR and edited the VM number- popped it back into my T650 and it worked. His comment to me was that AT&T Charter customers have better rate plans than Cingular and that swapping the AT&T SIM will merely expedite a higher rate plan. I popped the SIM back into my old Nokia and was able to edit the VM as well- still can't edit with my T650? Here's to hanging on to old gear that works
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    My experience was very different from the cited threads. When T-Mobile changed the voicemail system, I also couldn't edit the voicemail, which was nuisance because the new number is 123 rather than 805-...-.... . So I went to try to edit PhoneFavorites2DB with Filez but I didn't have a file. I tried editing PhoneFavoritesDB, but when I clicked on view, I got a soft reset. I tried this a few times (attempting to open different entries). However, after this, I was able to edit the phone number in the voicemail position in the favorite page. This doesn't make any sense to me (unless it was just the soft reset that was needed), but perhaps my experience will be helpful to others.
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    I am a Cingular user. I had the same problem of not being able to edit the voice mail number. I called Cingular and they sent a message to my phone which resulted in the correct voice mail number being installed. I've had to call them two other times on this same problem...the correct voice mail number gets changed to some long meaningless stream of numerals. I notice there is now a firmware update on the palm web site under support to correct this problem permanently. So, I just suggest you call Cingular and they will send a message to your phone to put in the correct voice mail number.

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