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    1st, and easiest to impliment. When viewing an email, would it be possible to move the delete icon next to the ok icon? Maybe others prefer the icons where they are but in my case it would be much easier to have the delete right next to the "ok" button (to the left of the arrow pointing to the right).

    2nd, do you think in the future it may be possible to have images included in our signatures? Outlook allows me to do this. I can simply point to a gif and use it in my signature for my business. It would be awsome of Chatter could do this as well so no one could tell if I was sending from my phone or from my computer. Something like:

    My Name
    My Company
    My Website
    [Picture goes here of company image]
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    Even easier: if you have one-key-commands enabled, you can just hit "d" to delete a message (though I always thought it should be "x" to match the X in the button).
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    I'm not sure about gif's in signatures; I'll put it on my list, though.


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