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    Okay, so I just got an Acura TL that has the handsfree Bluetooth built in. However, the Handsfree profile appears to be very different than the profile used for headsets. When I get in the car, it starts communicating with the Treo 650 whether I tell it to or not. If I turn on the Treo and try to get it to connect to the GPS, it won't connect.

    The only way I can get it to connect is to delete the car as a trusted device (then, due to a bug in the Acura, I have to hard reset the Acura's system to add it again!).

    Does anybody else have a Handsfree profile device *and* a Bluetooth GPS? How do you get them both to work with the Treo 650? (I'm fine with one at a time, but currently, I can't even have them both as trusted devices at the same time!).

    Alternatively, has anybody been able to make the Acura work like a headset, where the phone is the master and sends calls to the Acura rather than the other way around?
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    I was wondering the same thing! I have a TL and I haven't been able to add this as a straight handset either. It keeps dropping the bluetooth connection between the phone and the car.. annoying! I'm going to try and put some time into it this weekend.. if I find anything I'll let you know.
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    Thanks. I've scoured the web on this one and tried a few variations; nothing's worked so far. I love the phone using the Acura - fantastic concept. I just wish there was some way to turn off the connection, either from the car or the phone, but leave Bluetooth on so that I can communicate with the GPS.
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    Out o curiosity which GPS unit - TOm Tom?
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    It's a Holux GR-231 Bluetooth GPS. However, it doesn't appear to be GPS unit related. The instant I step into the car, the Treo 650 Bluetooth logo lights up and it stays that way until I leave the car. I still can't figure out any way to tell either the Treo or the Acura to stop hogging the connection.

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