I have a great mp3 ringtone that I have put onto my SD card (along with other tunes I'm listening to using Pocket Tunes). I would like to move that one song off of the SD card and put it onto the handheld itself. Why? Well, I've set up my ringing options using "Treoguard", and it knows to look for that mp3 ringer to play, by looking on the SD card. I'm concerned if I don't have my card in, or forget it at home, etc., that suddenly Treoguard doesn't know where to find the ringer, and then I don't get a ringtone at all (in fact, when I pop the card out just to try this, the only thing the phone does is vibrate--it doesn't even default to a regular ringer). So I would like to put this mp3 tone onto the Palm itself, but I don't know how. Any thoughts of how to do this? Thank you!