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    If any of you guys can help me, I'd be pumped. I just got my new hbh-300 in the mail friday. i linked up NO PROBLEMS friday night. well, my battery on my 650 died and i charged it next morning. I went to use it, and it didn't link. I tried deleting all devices, and according to a post on here, have deleted the bluetooth cache. at this point, I have NO bt devices trusted, nearby, known, etc. and I cannot get the two to connect again.

    What can I do??

    Stuck without a headset,

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    Use FileZ (or equivalent) and delete Bluetooth Devices Cache and Bluetooth Trusted Devices. soft reset Treo. Make certain that you depress the VOLUME button until you see alternating red and green flashes. (Press both + and - sides at same time!) Once flahsing, go to normal Treo Hands-Free Setup. (remember code: 0000). Works just fine AND restores the auto answer in the headset!

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