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    I have been using the native applications.

    But I feel guilty of not using more power. I submitted 2 emails to Datebk5 and to Agendus people.

    I must say Datebk5 answered both emails and 1 more reply. Always 24 hours later (why is this...reminds me of a Russian market "you want bread? Get in line for 24 hours)

    But Agendus did not bother to answer at all. Not at all. Horrible pre sales support. I imagine their post purchase horror.
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    If you want an even more prompt response to any DateBk questions, join the pimlicodatebk Yahoo group and ask it there. With the number of power users on that list, any questions are usually answered within an hour or two, and the developer chimes in with answers once a day as well.
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    Your response from Pimlico Software is not unusual. This company is a class act and I would recommend them to anyone that wants a robust calendaring application. I am trying to do my best to model my company's pre/post sales support after this guy!


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