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    Anyone notice that if you haven't used TomTom in a while, then you open it and plan a route. It is very slow to open... It plans a route... Then as you start out, the Palm resets...

    After this the software seems to work fine... Going into and out of the software seems ok too....

    Not sure what is happening, but this always seems to happen to me. I was thinking that maybe I need to do a software reset before starting TomTom if I haven't used it in a while.. Maybe some memory allocation thing?

    Anyone else?
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    The only time I have experienced any resets with TomTom was when my RAM was around 2MB. I deleted/moved a few files and applications to the card, which brought the RAM back to about 8MB. No problems since.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yeah.. I usually keep my ram around 8mb-9mb. It only seems to reset the first time I use Tomtom when I haven't used it in a long time. Wierd...
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    Yeah I have seen reset twice while using TomTom...
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    Quote Originally Posted by KPZerone
    Yeah I have seen reset twice while using TomTom...

    Let me ask...Those of you getting these resets, are you using version 4.40 or 4.42 that is an update for the T650?
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    442 since I first got it...
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    the resets only seem to happen if I haven't used TomTom for a while.. and I plan a route and start navigating using the Bluetooth GPS.

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