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    Ok, I know there has been ALOT of discussion about which plan people should buy. I originally had the Unlimited Dataplan for $39.99. When I first signed up, the Cingular rep did not even tell me there was any other option. After reading people's questions about Unlimited Dataplan vs MediaNet, I went back and asked if there was any difference between the two. I was told by some young, skate rat, pimple faced kid that I did not want the MediaNet plan because it was painfully slow compared to the Unlimited Dataplan. When I thought about this. it made sense to me. The Mediaplan is marketed for the phones and the Unlimited Dataplan is targeted at PDAs and the corporate customer. I wrongly assumed that the MediaNet must limit the user to slower GPRS while the Unlimited Dataplan must allow users both GPRS and EDGE. So I was content with my decision to stay with Unlimited Dataplan. But people kept on asking the question about the MediaNet on this board. Not being able to take the thought of being ripped off and in the name of settling the debate once and for all I decided to take the plunge tonight and switch to the MediaNet plan.

    Some folks have said that Cingular won't allow people to sign up for MEdaNet if they know you are using a Treo. So I was prepared to lie and cheat (of course in the name of a very scientific test to compare the two plans). Luckily for me, the rep oI got on the phone (Gale) did not even ask me what phone I had. She changed my plan, I got a messgae on my phone to turn it off then on a few minutes later.

    Before I changed plans I tested download speed using the dslreports website. WIth the Unlimited Dataplan I get a max if 130 kbps download. With the MediaNet plan I get.......130 kbps.....

    So, I can definitively advise people to NOT purchase the Unlimited Dataplan and go with the MediaNet (unlimited) plan for $24.99. There is absolutely no difference that I can tell. Hopefully this will settle the debate once and for all.
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    Ahhhh, smart man! There is no difference just an opportunity for them to sucker more money out of ya!
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    Is there a difference in the ports they allow you to use?
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    Not that I'm aware of.
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    I was given the standard $50 rebate when signing up with Cingular and the unlimited data plan for $40/month. After I get the rebate I plan to switch to the media net plan. So overall signing up with the unlimited plan has saved me $20. (assuming it takes 10-12 weeks)
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    I can confirm that the MediaNet Unlimited plan provides EDGE capability here in Austin, too - the best I've seen is 142kbps. I didn't have to argue with any Cingular reps, I just logged on to Cingular's web site and added the data feature to my plan myself. No fuss, no hassle, no hold music!
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    Very nice. To my understanding there is EDGE capablities in Los Angeles...

    Also what does EDGE stand for? anybody know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by John-John
    Also what does EDGE stand for? anybody know?
    Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution is your friend.
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    cool, thanx
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    I was wondering about this cuz im about to get a t650 this friday(going to take up most of my paycheck ). When i went in to the Cingular store 2 weeks ago i thought i was going to be able to get my company 45% discount but they said that it doesnt apply to PDA phones.....i was pissed and said screw it, but after thinking about all the cool crap the t650 can do i had to have one soo here i am waiting....gah i hate waiting.

    Thanx alot for the info
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    It is probably too late now for you, but others should try calling again and asking for their corporate discount. I called a few times, trying to get it just at the $349 price I had seen advertized on their web site for new activations and they wouldn't give it to me. After about three or four calls I reached a rep that just gave me our corporate discount (50%). I didn't argue with her about that and came out way ahead of the price I'd seen online. My point to them always was that as a long-time loyal customer I should at least get the same price they are advertizing for new activations on their own web site. The last rep bought it but said she could do better for me.
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    If you were lucky like me and signed up before 2/11 (i signed up on 2/8) you got grandfathered into the $20 unlimited MediaNet plan
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    The debate should of been settled awhile ago...myself along with many others REPEATELY have stated there is no difference in the data plans.
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    As I understood it the difference between the two plans is with the cheaper one your IP address is NAT-ed and the more expensive one gives you a valid IP address on the internet (albiet dynamically assigned).

    For those that don't know what NAT means, think of the difference between having a computer directly connected to a DSL/Cable line vs. one behind a typical DSL/Cable router. When behind the router your IP address is translated on the fly to the address assigned to the DSL/Cable connection. This prevents incoming connections from reaching your computer unless you configure the router to forward certain connections.

    If I am right about this and the MediaNet is using NAT for the IP address space, then this could limit VPN and certain other functions depending on the requirements of the actual protocols used. However, for the majority of uses (email, web browsing, ftp, etc), this difference should not be noticeable at all.

    Anyone else have more information on this?
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    I'm not using VPN, but I use just about everything else with the $19.99 MEdia Works.
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    good to know. i'm in la on the unlimited data plan. the sales lady i dealt with sas savy enough to tell me that the medianet plan was not allowed due to the fact that i was on a treo. i'll see what kind of deal making i can do tommorow.

    ps the highest speed ive gotten here in los angeles (west la and the valley) has been 70kb
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    Interesting. I get better than that when I tether with my V551. As for the PDA phone I'm back with Sprint using a PPC6600. My test showed 142kbps tonight in Sacramento.
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    I signed up for the unlimited plan & was unable to access the network with either my Moto V551 or unlocked T650.

    What is the secret? How are people accessing Cingular's Edge network with the unlimited data plan?

    As soon as I upgraded to the $39.99 MediaNet plan my data access started working.
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    I just called and switched from the Unlimited Data ($39.99) to the unlimited MediaNet ($24.99)

    I'm big on the data side with my phone. Email, FTP, SSH, IRC, Verichat, VPN. I'll post my results if i cant access something that I used to be able to on the MediaNet plan.
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    Yay, im getting my treo for $350...anyways...does anyone know how many SMS message thingys you get with Cingulars MediaNet plan?
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