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    Wow, thanks for the headsup...I guess I am lucky that I was able to sign up earlier this week for MediaNet. I still think you could still sign up for the MediaNet plan over the phone or the internet. The person that helped me on the phone didnt even ask what phone I had and even if she did I could have BS'd (not sure how my conscience would have taken it since I am always telling my daughter not to fib)
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    There is no doubt that Cingular has really botched their rollout of data services. Confusion has been rampant, both inside and outside their company. You can still, as of this writing, configure a Treo 650 for purchase with the unlimited MEdiaNet plan on their website, so they haven't even pushed their stated policy out to their own website yet!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Bandito
    I was given the standard $50 rebate when signing up with Cingular and the unlimited data plan for $40/month. After I get the rebate I plan to switch to the media net plan. So overall signing up with the unlimited plan has saved me $20. (assuming it takes 10-12 weeks)

    Where did they offer you $40/month unlimited data plan???
    I was at my local Cingular store today, and he told me $79.99 on top of my regular $39.99 phone plan...

    I'd like to take this to the store and wave it in his face.
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