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    I am unable to send files from my 650 while selecting the send from the menu option while in applications home. every time I select send i'm able to pull up my list of programs but soon as I try to send it my treo crashes. I'm wondering if it has something to do with me installing the snappermail demo this weekend. I erased and i'm still having problems. I wonder if it's crashing because snapper mail may have left some info behind and it's interfering with me trying to send apps. I am able to send using versamail directly. has anyone else ever experienced this problem. please help thanks in advance..
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    have you resolved this problem because I am experiencing the same issue (it happens in any app that I select send from not just the built-in launcher) and can not figure out the cause.

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    a quick fix: download RescoExplorer to fix the problem.

    reference from RescoExplorer manual:
    Important Palm OS has a bug related to the Exchange Manager associations. It manifests as a fatal alert 'Preferences.c, Pref DB Open Error' whenever any application (Resco Explorer, Snappermail etc.) tries to list available viewers. The reason for the problem: The registered application does not exist. How this problem happens: When a registered application is deleted in a non-standard way. When an app installed on the card is registered and no RAM shortcut exists for it. How to solve the problem: Use Resco Explorer menu option Repair Exchange Prefs.

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