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    i have currently p800 and have grown used to the smart phone concept. i am appreciating number of advantages of the 650 and considering an upgrade. Before i do, i need few questions answered:

    1. Do outlook categories map to Treo/Palm categories ?

    2. Is Outlook relatively solid ... no duplicate copies,etc. ?

    3. Can you email pictures using your regular POP accounts ? (i played with 650 at a CIN shop and the only option i saw was to email via the MMS gateway !)

    4. Can you "select" a digit string in say Calendar and call it ?

    5. How is one hand operation ? How often do you need to pull out stylus ? Can you say search the contacts, select one of the numbers and call it .. with one hand ?

    TIA, andrew
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    3 - yes you can email pic's with the built in email client.. i assume that the others also do it. 5 - i almost never have to use the stylus but i guess that varies because some 3rd apps dont support the 5way .... hope this helps.. sorry i couldnt answer everything..
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