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    PDABuzz and Palmstation have articles about a "crack" version of Liberty written by the author of Liberty.

    Apparently with this, there is a possibility that it can remove all applications from the device.

    The author has an explanation of what happened here.

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    Well ya know .. Now that McAfee has their virus scanner out (see ) for about two months, its about time the platform got some trojans and viruses .. what good is a virus scanner without'em?

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    I think it is bad business practice for a company to develop a trojan horse program to prevent people from reverse engineering their programs. I realize companies lose money to illegal cracks and black market software, but this is akin to automobile manufacturers having an exploding engine to keep non-dealership mechanics from working on your car. Build a good product, charge a fair price and I don't think you have to worry too much about cracks.


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