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    Julie Strietelmeier of the Gadgeteer has started a multi-part review of a Sprint T650, hacked to work with Verizon, bought on eBay: "The Treo 650 (Can a Smart Phone Become My Main Brain?)". She got stuck with data plan activation but appears to have sorted it (see Article Comments). Looking forward to the next installment tonight...
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    they tend to slam Palm stuff, will be interesting to see whether she holds true to form
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    Actually Julie is pretty fair in her reviews and is up front about reviewing thing from the perspective of how they work for her needs. Over the years she has gone back-and-forth between Palm and PPC. Hers should be an interesting review since she as a Verizonized 650.
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    I think she will have enough data problems with her bastardized 650 that it will affect the review more than it should.
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    i agree. it's going to be a **** poor review with her trying to hack a sprint phone to verizon. she should put a disclaimer on her review right at the TOP in BOLD letters.
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    I just happened to stumble across this review after having read an article in PalmTop magazine that mentioned The Gadgeteer website.

    I must say that it was nice to read the first impressions and opinions of someone that was coming at a 650 "clean" and without any technological bias -- even for a reviewer!

    Please don't get me wrong, the opinions of members on this forum are well respected and informed, but, as has been mentioned in numerous other posts, it's those glitches and negative elements of the 650 that tend to steal the spotlight.

    The Gadgeteer review has helped me to reaffirm my desire to get a 650 on Orange. It allowed me to put some of my research the threads from this forum in perspective.

    I can't wait to get my hands on one!
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    No Way

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