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    How do you see the volume for the mp3 ring tone in Ringo? Does it use the system sound setting or the volume level currently set in PocketTunes?
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    When you're in the Ringo app, you can use the side volume buttons to change the volume and press the side key to "lock" that volume setting. For mp3's, you can increase the volume even more by increasing the volume in Pocket Tunes.
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    Good question....

    I am not having any luck with "daygo's" method described above. I also have PT, but its volume setting does not seem to affect Ringo.

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    I thought Ringo had no connection with Pocket tunes.
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    ringo pro doesn't need ptunes but the standard ringo does
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    I bought Ringo and tried to use it to set tones and now my main tones for known and unknown callers is stuck on something I didn't even choose! How do I reset to the regular tones I had??? Does Ringo take over the tones and screw things up?
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