View Poll Results: If you have issues other than the memory problem what are they? Or none?

85. You may not vote on this poll
  • mystery cracks

    4 4.71%
  • volume issues

    29 34.12%
  • screen issues

    2 2.35%
  • mic issues

    8 9.41%
  • bluetooth issues

    12 14.12%
  • SIM Card issues

    2 2.35%
  • SD Card issues

    1 1.18%
  • random reset issues

    26 30.59%
  • Other

    9 10.59%
  • No problems other than the known memory issue

    34 40.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Sorry folks. OK this one will allow multiple votes. We're gonna get this right and capture this data eventually .

    Just want to capture a sample of what problems people may be having. Given the memory issue is known and in every T650 either you have just that issue or some others in addition to that. So feel free to check as many as apply to you, with the understanding that the memory issue is a given. There is also an option for those of us that only have the memory problem and nothing else. Which is where I'm at. I have no problems with my T650 outside of the known memory issue.
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    Other...head phone jack (lots of static).
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    Quote Originally Posted by crawform
    Other...head phone jack (lots of static).
    Yes. The headphone jack static problem -- a small movement causes static. This seems to affect a lot of Treo 650s, from what I've read on Treocentral. Is anyone's Treo 650 immune from this?

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    Frankly, I'm not sure I have the 'memory problem, either. I use ZL to move lots of apps to the SD card, and have adequate memory left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    Frankly, I'm not sure I have the 'memory problem, either. I use ZL to move lots of apps to the SD card, and have adequate memory left.
    What I mean is that the memory issue exists. We all have been using the SD Card as a work around, but the T650 came with that problem out of the box.

    Which is why they are giving away the free SD cards until a patch is released:
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    I vote no problems at all because the memory issue isn't a problem at all for me.
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    My "Other" vote is for the freakin' GPRS connection. At least once a day, I lose the connection and when attempting to reconnect, I get "Error Code: (0x400B)." SOOO ANNOYING.
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    I have absolutely no problems at all including memory. That may change if I get Tom Tom, but for now my 650 (unlocked GSM) is perfect.
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    Unfortunately, there are several medical programs that will only run off the main memory and not the SD card and they are HUGE memory hogs, esp with the new ROM format in the 650. I was down to about 5 mb left after the first day and that was before I found this forum and all the cool apps out there.
    If I want to move stuff to my SD card, is ZLauncher the way to go? Does it know which apps will not run off the card?
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    Never needed ZLauncher myself, but those who use it speak highly of it.

    For those with "random reset" issues, I hear a hard reset and reloading your apps individually helps resolve that issue, although I've never had it myself.

    Interesting results so far.

    41 voters and 31.03% say they have no problems outside of the memory issue. 20.69% say they have random reset issues and another 20.69% say they have volume issues.
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    I vote no problem We have two phones, me i get reset randomly but I have tons of apps and things I try.
    My wife's treo never resets, never has a problem works 100% but she has a few apps and doesn't do more than just the default apps. To her the phone is Perfect!

    Oh I forgot: except for the stinking power sync connector. What jerk came out with this POS connectlor!
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    i'm satisfied but i think the issue with the memory should be addressed and i agree g.711 the sync/power connector should be addressed also .. everytime i take it out or put it in the phone i think it's going to break ..... poor quality for such an expensive phone...
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    I didn't vote because you didn't include "No Issues".

    "the known memory issue" is not really a issue, as it is intentional and I prefer it this way, so I won't risk losing my data (that was the whole point of the NVMS).
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    random resets is definitely a biggie. Another problem that drives me nuts is the constant freezing up of the phone for several minutes when the phone goes from an area with sprint coverage, to an area without any coverage, or from Sprint to Roam. My commute each day goes through a large roaming area, and my 600 used to pop right into roam, where the 650 freezes for a couple of minutes before switching over. My other big pet peeve is the fact that the vision amd SMS functionality of the 650 doesn't seem to be aware when the phone is roaming (i.e.a time when Vision and SMS don't work), so if I have an outstanding SMS program, or am using vision when I exit Sprint and enter roam, the phone gets stuck in a loop trying to send message/connect to Vision, that can only be stopped by doing a soft reset. I
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillin_
    I didn't vote because you didn't include "No Issues".
    Right - yet another biased poll yielding meaningless results.
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    the random resets are odd...but hey i love this unit...and well i am uber happy with it

    i didnt vote as i would go with "no issues"..
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    5 way button PAINTS FALLING OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OH MY GOD!!!
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    I'm surprised there are so few votes about Bluetooth. I have a long commute and the volume issue on Bluetooth (even with BTMute & Scala 500, which help a lot) is still sometimes a problem for me. The range on Bluetooth (can't keep phone on belt and sucessfully use headset. Any headset.) is also a disappointment. The LG PM325 outperforms the Treo in both these areas. AN LG!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilliland
    Right - yet another biased poll yielding meaningless results.
    Funny how all the other polls I've done that showed how happy most of us are with our T650 never got this kind of response .

    P1 has said that memory management is an issue, commited to offering a patch and is now offering free SD cards as a temporary work around. So admit it or not the issue does exist. It may not cause some folks any problems, but the issue is there and we might as well all admit it.

    Quote Originally Posted by donric609
    and i agree g.711 the sync/power connector should be addressed also .
    I've started having problems with the connector I received with my T650. (Just started last night.) Now it does not connect properly and when I put it in the T650 does not indicate it is charging unless I "play" with the connector a little bit. I tried cleaning it and still it does not work so well. If I use just the power line seperated from the unified connector it works OK, but I need the unified connector (with the power cable inserted) to work properly so I can charge and sync without changing out plugs....

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