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    I have had my 650 for a few months, and have recently tried to use the bluetooth capabilities for the first time by trying to pair my 650 with a friends bluetooth phone. He discovered my phone but it asked him for my bluetooth passcode, I have no idea what that may be. I have service with sprint and called them, but they were pretty useless. Does anyone know what the default bluetooth passcode is for a treo 650 disributed from sprint pcs???

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    Pretty sure it's 0000 (zeroes)
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    Thanks... Oh is that it??? is there anywat to change it??? did not see a setting for that...
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    the bluetooth passcode is anything you want when it's between 2 computers/pdas
    for instance when i pair my pda with my computer, it asks me the passcode on both sides- i can put in any numbers i want as long as they are the same on both sides... the only time you want to only have a specific one is when you have a headset or gps where the passcode is encoded into the firmware- the documentation will have the proper passcode there for you- but usually it's 0000 or 1234.
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    Ahhh I see... Thanks a lot...

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