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    Treo has worked fine for 6 months, all of a sudden virtually no sound comes through the phone. I can't hear the person on the other end, although they can hear me. When I call my voicemail, I can hear the faintest of sounds, just enough to make out the words "your mailbox is empty," but not nearly loud enough to be functional.

    I can't find any way to adjust the call volume, only the ringer volume. Am I missing a setting somewhere, or is the phone broken?
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    do you have bluetooth enabled if you do you have to click on it to release it from the phone

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    As far as I know, I don't have bluetooth enabled. (If I don't know what it is, is it safe to assume I don't have it?)
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    considering this is the treo 600 forum, i think it is safe to assume that you do not have bluetooth enabled.

    Do you have decent volume when you use the earphone? (Possibly the speaker is blown/broken)
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    This happened to me a couple of weeks back with my 600. People on the other end could hear me, but nothing came through my way. Mine worked with a headset, but not without and the speaker phone had no response as well. Is this the case with your's? I called customer service and complained a bit that I would be going on my 4th 600 and was able to convice them to replace it with a 650. I've read since that I was lucky and they've been cracking down. Either way, if its still under warranty, you should be able to exchange.
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    When I use the earphone, I get the same very faint sound, maybe a smidgen better, but still unacceptable.

    Am I right that there is no way to adjust the call volume?
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    When in doubt, boot. I turned the wireless mode off and back on again, now it works.

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