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    I am lucky (?) enough to live in Nebraska and have the choice of either Cingular or Sprint for my 650 service. Nationwide coverage does not seem like a big sticking point for me - as I rarely travel and most big cities have the coverage I need.

    I'm trying to choose between Cingular and Sprint. Sprint seems to be a little cheaper plan wise - especially the $15 unlimited. I've had a Blackberry in the past and not gone over 4 MB in data - so on the Cingular side, their $20 option should work.

    I have heard that:

    - Data speeds are pretty equal
    - GSM phones will give me longer battery life
    - Sprint's 650 is digital only, so if I'm out of their PCS coverage, I'm toast
    - GSM version has louder volume
    - Sprint's version experiences less lockups and reboots
    - Sprint's network reaches more people but Cingular's covers more sq. miles

    I've tried both carriers with other phones, and rate signal strength / customer service about equal - neither as good as I'd like but comparatively equal.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    The only reasons I went with Cingular over Sprint were related to the ability to remove the SIM. I wasn't happy taking a risk that my Treo would fail and leave me phone-less, plus I travel overseas. If my Treo dies with Cingular I can just drop the SIM into my old GSM phone and stay alive. It's nice to be able to take out the small flip phone when I feel like it too.

    I chose Cingular over unlocked on T-Mobile solely due to EDGE support. I'm not happy paying more in monthly fees, but I had no alternative given my requirements.
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    Both Treo 650 versions are digital only. No analog mode in the quad band GSM.

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