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    In an attempt to get to the bottom of this I am risking the wrath of the forum by starting yet another soft reset thread. There are SO many but I think we may be getting closer and I felt perhaps this might get more attention to a problem a lot of us have.

    There are a lot of talented people in here who can make more sense of this than me (end of shameless suck up)

    This thread
    contains some good info. Using this I started messing with Saved Prefs and the PcLK entries.

    At this point, when a reset occurs, a new entry for PcLK is created in Saved Prefs. There have been a lot of mentions of network time, calendar, etc. so maybe all this is from some common chunk of Palm code that is using the PcLK routine and triggering these resets?

    I found this link for PcLK

    Anyone know how we can find what app is triggering this PcLK entry - maybe this is the root cause ?
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    UPDATE: This HW Device Link

    mentions PCLK and also Palm OS - maybe this is some HW component in the Treo that is the root of this?

    Anyone want to dig into this - I am not sure where to go next...
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    I think the reason it reappears is that the first thing you do after a soft reset is set the date and time... I don't think it's the root of the problem... Some OTHER pref in Saved Prefs causes the World-Clock-reset-on-exit issue.

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