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    Currently I have an SD card with a meager 256 mb of memory. Having recently experienced the bliss of zlauncher, mmplayer, and ptune, I now must have a larger card but I'm working on a budget.

    Though I realize all of these factors are swayed by personal preference, I was wondering

    1) Is there a significant difference between brands in quality (e.g. sandisk, pqi, viking etc...)?
    2) would you rather go with a larger card (1gb) as opposed to a faster, yet smaller card (512mb) both priced similarly (remember, I'm on a budget; $60 - $70)
    3) where's the best place to get a cheap card? So far I've found prices very reasonable
    4) how do these factors rank in choosing your SD card? -- speed/size/price/brand
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    Have a look at my benchmarks page (link below). Has prices for various brands and sizes as well. You may find it useful.


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