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    Can I ask Mac users what back up software they use, the very popular backup buddy does not work with OS10. Is there an SD card that you can buy with the software already loaded similar to the one I bought years ago for my Visor? Thanks for any info
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    Just get BackupBuddyVFS Pro. Works fine on the SD card; it basically copies the exact file structure in RAM to do a full restore. Also supports incremental backups, scheduling, and checkpoints (like snapshots).

    Very handy, very cool, for reverting back to a known, stable state prior to installing software (i.e., run this before installing anything, and you can go backwards in time).

    Also: for desktop backup management, but I prefer to just copy the contents, or the Backup folder itself in your Documents/Palm/username/ folder.

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    Thanks iomatic I have installed the software and everything seems to be working fine. Great.

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