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    I posted this in another forum but still looking for solution. So I thought I'd ask you folks here.

    I was showing someone last night how my new Treo was able to record video and the Treo froze in the middle of recording after about 20 sec. Then I had to do a soft reset. Ever since then(I think) I noticed that my Treo doesn't make the sound when I turn the phone on and off. Anyone know how to fix it ?
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    Check the sound on/off switch on the top-right of your phone...
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    It's on and I can even hear the phone ring.
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    Go to Prefs-> Sounds and Alerts-> and check your General sounds setting "System Volume", see if it's "Off"?
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    Might be a coincidence, but there could be a problem with your audio jack. Try to plug headphones (or whatever is available) into the audio jack. Remove and see if it fixes your problem.

    What audio recording program were you using?
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    Yup that did it Scotty. But how did it turn off just by doing the soft reset ?
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    Oh and thanks.

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