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    OK guys please help, I have been on the phone for a while trying to call many a service reps about the sim card issue. All i want is an 'A' sim card - "I am sorry, i don't have the option to send you one of those type of cards" "I have not heard of this issue" "More BS entered here"

    Wasn't there an "official" annoncement by one of them? I cannot find it anywhere i look. does somebody have the link so I can tell these CS people what I am talking about?

    If you can't tell I am very frustrated at this point. Thanks for understanding.
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    It might be easier to just tell them you lost it
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    Tell the reps to log onto the Cingular Sales Portal and have them click the link with the heading regarding inventory status on the pa1m0ne Treo 650. The information that pertains to the Gemplus SIM incompatibilities are within that same post.
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