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    I'm tired of resetting my treo 650 in always since I bought it from day 1......
    Apart from the software crash occassionally in 650, actually, very often,
    the power off/on happen unexpectedly. It happens more than 4 times a week.

    Anyone have idea about it? Please advise.
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    When you hard reset do you lose all of your installed 3rd party applications and data entries contained therein?
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    You loose everything not backed up on a hard reset.

    I've never had to do a hard reset on my 650 though I have 100+ apps installed.
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    No hard resets here and only two soft resets caused by 3rd party apps that weren't 650 compatible.
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    No hard reset in a month...
    The only resets, of any kind, ever so far are from program installs that require it

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