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    I've been using 1.03. It was pretty stable for awhile. Out of the blue one of my mailboxes disappeared (not an account, just a folder into which I filter mail addressed to a particular e-mail address). It's SMTP profile was also gone, of course. I have no idea what happened to it. I was able to recreate it just fine, but for several hours I didn't know that I had not been getting any of my mail to that address. Has anyone else seen anything similar?

    Since then, I began to have more resets than before. The problem gradually got worse until I had to delete Chatter again. I deleted the main application files (after doing an upgrade shutdown). I will try again with a new version soon. In the mean time, back to relying on Snapper (I miss realtime badly!).

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    I had my primary mailbox / account disappear with 1.03beta3. I wiped everything clean and reinstalled today with 1.03beta4 and will see how it goes.

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