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    I'm running Redhat Linux, FC3, and have gnome pilot working great (which I believe is just a front-end for pilot-xfer.)

    After skimming through the manual ($ man pilot-xfer), and searching these forums (the best I got was a thread that was similar, and the responses where no help....), I still havn't been able to find how to install software entirely on the card with out needing to use the internal memory. I was wondering if it's a setting on the phone. I'd like to be able to leave the internal memory alone as much as possible.

    Here's a short list of Apps I have that I would like to keep from sharing memory with the internal memory, but can't seem to get it to work right.

    Dir Assist seems to be all on card. (great program, accesses the 555 databases)
    FileZ - I could only find one file associated with this program, so I think it works.
    MobiPocket - I tried copying all the files over, but there was a MathLib that didn't want to copy all 100k over, so I was left with 50 on phone, and 50 on card....weird really.
    Palm VNC - I had somebody beam it to my phone, and was only able to find the one file.
    pssh - pretty sure it's only one file, but not entirely sure
    Reader - When I installed this on my Palm, all the books that I put with it seemed to attach themselves to the Reader, so when I ask the palm to delete Reader, it says it's 1.6MB or so, but to copy over, I had to copy over each separate book. They're all on the card now, but I don't know if I missed any files for the Reader. All very confusing....

    Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, this week, I'm hoping to have my 1gb card that has a USB adapter, so any FAQ's on that you'd like to answer on those while your here, I'd appreciate. I'm hoping that it will solve all but the beaming problems.

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    I don't think that pilot-xfer supports installing directly on the SD card. I install new apps into RAM and then use Zlauncher to move them to the card.

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