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    Well in order to increase my minutes plan for AT&T Wireless I am going to have to switch to Cingular. I have a T600 and I want to know if the T650 is compatable with certain things such as the Hotsync cable? charging cradle?

    Will it sync with the Palm Desktop already installed so I will not loose my current info?

    These are the programs I use regualrly will they work?


    Where is the cheapest place you have found to buy a Treo 650...Cingular will price match or said they would on the phone?

    I am thinking of doing the switch by the end of the week and all help will be appriciated!

  2. #2 about you spend a couple of minutes searching this site and reading some forums. Your questions have been asked and answered ad nauseum. You do appreciate everyone's help, and as a newbie you do get a break, but do try to use the tools here at the site (and over at PalmOne and also
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    I'm sorry I spent about an hour and half yesterday as well as various time all last week and I did not see answers to what I want to know. I do not believe I am stupid or lazy but I am NOT a Techie and maybe somethings were explained in away I did not understand! I saw posts about waiting for a cradle but nothing explaing that it and the connections were different from the Treo 600...and many problems and links to getting the Treo 650 through Viennasomething went there and did not see antything Treo etc.

    If you did not want to help and answer my questions you could have just passed over my post I am looking for very simple help and not looking to be put down or humilated.
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    Palm desktop is fine. Although 650 has a newer version. It is not supposed to be, but I had problem with my old data. But in an ideal world, it should not be a problem.

    All the accessories including cables of Treo 600 are not compatible with 650.

    Intelentet wirelss is selling for 399 with 100 dollar rebates.
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sorry for the offense. Check out:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(7628)

    from palmOne on how to upgrade safely from T600 to a T650. You should do the Palm desktop software upgrade/install to be sure that you get some of the special tools (compatability checker).

    As far as accessories, your old monoaural handsfree phone headsets should work with the T650. Be careful about 2-in-1 headset/handsfree ones, they are a problem. Old cases usually work OK. Old chargers and HotSync cables don't. BT headsets are a bit of an issue with the T650--many just don't work well. One that seems to do consistently is the Palm-branded Jabra BT250P from Palm (not the OEM Jabra BT250).
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    make sure if you get a 650 that you do NOT try to synch using the old software. Many people have had problems as a result. It seems some boxes come with a leaflet on top that warns of this. You can do a search on palmone's site and there is a page that goes into great detail about how to back up your 600's back up and try installing old software one at a time from the backup. Its easier than it sounds. Some old software will work fine while others will require upgrading (i believe pdanet will require an upgrade). If you follow the steps, the transition should go well. The screen alone is worth the upgrade to the 650. I didn't believe it could be so significant until I saw it in person.
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