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    So there's a hardware problem with my treo.

    Palm gave some kind of number to reference SRxxxxx.... Told me I have to go to the people I bought it from (AT&T Business) and send it to them and they will provide me the new phone. Well guess what AT&T says I have to go to PalmOne and get them to replace, AT&T Business will only do it in the first 30 days.

    So I'm trying to call PalmOne, wait times are on the order of 45 to 90 minutes. Not exaggerating. And have been disconnected twice. I must say this is absolutely horrid customer service.

    Anyone else have this experience? Any suggestions other than 'Grin and Bear It'?

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    I would go after AT&T (Cingular).

    It sounds like you have been on hold with P1 technical support. I was on hold for 1 hour and 45 minutes one night. But my phone was only 12 days old so they replaced it with another faulty phone.
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    Finally got through to PalmOne. Tech gave me a new service repair number and is having a new one sent to me (1 to 3 business days). I have to return my other one in 15 days.

    This cost me a whole bunch of time waiting in line, 1 hour this time plus $25.

    Hopefully this one will work.

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