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    I ran across AppForge Booster (now Crossfire) when trying to download an app. Apparently this is a Visual Basic port to mobile platforms including Palm. Everyone said its free to download, but now they seem to want $25.

    A story here: states that "Booster is (and will stay) commercial only for a limited number of industrial platforms, like devices made by Symbol corporation."

    A year and a half later, it no longer is. What gives? (And what are they thinking charging for the runtime client? At least make it free for non-commercial users.)
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    I just ran into the same issue for an app - I'm not a big fan of ponying up $25 for a runtime client either. Weak.
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    Ah-ha, just found this at the bottom of the Client page:

    Note: Older Consumer-Class Clients (Booster) are no longer produced or distributed by AppForge. If you require a Consumer-Class Client (Booster) to run an application that was created by a 3rd party Independent Software Developer, you have the following options:

    1. Click on the "Purchase" link above to immediately purchase and download a current version of Crossfire Client (which will run applications created with prior versions of our tools).

    2. Contact the Independent Software Developer who created the application you are trying to run.
    So technically yes, they are only selling the commercial version.

    I did find a few different programs out there that use AF Consumer and bundle it in the install zip. I will attach a zip of those files in a moment, since they're the freely distributable consumer version.

    EDIT: Bah, the upload function isn't working for me. I'll host it for a little while instead:

    Appforge Booster (Consumer) for OS 5

    Appforge Booster (Consumer) for OS 4
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