I just upgraded to the Treo 650 from my Clie NZ90 which I have used for the last 3 years. When I installed the new Treo Palm Desktop and did my first hotsync on the Treo I received the following message - " A conflict in installed confilct conduits detected. This is cuased when two different conduits are using the same PM data type ( e.g. Addressbook vs. Contacts) to allow sychonization to proceed use the Hotsync Custom dialog to change one set of conduits to "Do Nothing""

It seems that when I upgraded the Treo 650 Palm Desktop instead of using the conduit ACTLink 2.0 which I have been using for the past 2 years and was using before I ungraded to the Treo, somehow picked up ACT-for-Palm-OS off my computer and installed it instead. I uninstalled both and reinstalled ACT Link 2.0 but still have the same message. Clie NZ90 and Treo both use Palm Software 5.0 so I don`t understand why I have this problem now and I cannot use my contacts portabably as I have for the past years.

Anyone have an idea how to get rid of this confilct?