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    Greetings, i wonder if the treo simulator is able to record sound from mic on PC.....and is there any API for manipulating the .wav or any other resource related to that????
    thanks in advance....
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    does anybody know??i am doing a graduate project for palm...i really need to know how to record a wav or something like this....indeed i really dunno what API can do the record sound function....but undoubtly palm can record sound,right??could anybody help??thanks so much
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    You'll have to play with the Streamed sound APIs from the PalmSource SDK (SndStreamCreate, SndStreamDelete, SndStreamStart, SndStreamPause, SndStreamStop, SndStreamSetVolume, SndStreamGetVolume, SndStreamSetPanPot, SndStreamGetPanPot and so on)...

    But it require a real device, as recording is not possible using PalmSim.


    The HB++ team

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