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    Has anyone found a solution to outgoing emails via ActiveSync being moved to the outbox and not into Sent Items? Also has anyone experienced an error when sending via Active Sync:

    There was a problem syncing messages. Please select the Sync button to try again. (00006)

    This happens every time I send even though the message has gone through.

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    I have had the same problem. I posted on the Palmone forum about the issues I've had with Versamail, Exchange and opening attachments. I have recieved no response from Palm. I refuse to waste to time on hold, so I have not tried calling them.

    I also sent the same information to Dataviz about opening attachments. And am currently working with them to see if they get anywhere. The told me they are working with palm on some of the issues.
    FWIW - They also asked if I was getting the error you mentioned when sending message (which I am).

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