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    I sync my 650 through my Windows system for contacts and scheduling, but now that I have a new Mac I want to use my Mac to transfer my music and podcasts to my 650 but not perform any other functions during a hotsync.

    Can anyone let me know if it is possible and how to set it up? I will need the Palm Desktop Installer which I have on my PC, but is there a version for this for Mac? I will also need Missing Sync also, right?
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    If you want to add music and podcast only to the 650 on your Mac, you only need The MissingSync, or an SD Card reader to transfer. I would go with MissingSync.
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    If I install Missing Sync, it will only affect audio files and not try to sync the calender, contacts and email?
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    There are several ways to do this.

    1) Just install the Palm desktop software. It's on the same disk that comes with the Treo. Open your palm conduits and set do nothing as the default on everything but those items you would like to sync. The palm desktop has a program for dragging files to hotsync into your choice of the internal or external card. The hotsync can be rather slow on large files. MissingSync is not required. Cost = $0.

    2) A simple card reader for your SD card will do the job quickly. They usually only cost between $10 and $15 dollars on sale. Simply remove the SD card and and insert into the card reader and it will show up like another hardrive. Move media files into the "DCIM" folder of the SD card and the Palm will read and play these files provided they are in the proper format. Cost = between $10 and $15.

    3) Install MissingSync. This program can make your SD card within the palm appear as a harddrive. Cost = $39.


    If you have large files, then a card reader is the most efficient and cost effective way of transferring such files.
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    The software that came with my phone will work on mac? If I can get the PalmOne Quick Install on my mac I can drag the files there and then HotSync. Will that work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DVD Guy
    The software that came with my phone will work on mac? If I can get the PalmOne Quick Install on my mac I can drag the files there and then HotSync. Will that work?
    The PalmOne CD for the 650 already includes the proper software for the Mac. You can add files to the SD card with the included software and a hotsync. If you don't want it to hotsync calenders, etc. (there should be no harm if it does), open up the desktop following the install and go to the conduit manager and change your settings to "do nothing" with respect to everything that you do not want to be part of your hotsync.

    Note, however, if you have a lot of files to transfer, the hotsync is very slow and will often timeout on large files.
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    It does not time out with my PC. Should I expect slower results with my iMac?
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    I installed the PalmOne CD on my mac but did not see where I can drag files into the phone or memory card seperately like I can on my PC. What am I missing?
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    The application for dragging files was right on my desktop following install. Perhaps yours is in the Palm applications folder.
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    Hotsyncing an MP3 will take a VERY long time given that the Hotsync process does a parity check on every transferred Byte. Better to use an SD card reader, Missing Sync, or Softick's CardExport (which works VERY well).
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    It does not take very long with my PC but you are saying it will take much longer with the mac?
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    In my experience, it does seem to take a little longer with my Mac. Try it and see if it is acceptable for your purposes. I just prefer SD card readers since I tend to upload large Movie files that would take forever through a standard hotsync.

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