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    I'm evaluating the PODS environment vs Codewarrior. I've got PODS and the Codewarrior 8.0 demo installed. So far, it looks like a wash in functionality. I'd appreciate any comments on that.

    A specific question: In PODS, is it possible to get the integrated debugger to display enumerated types as their string value instead of the numeric value? Codewarrior can do this as well as the non-integrated Palm debugger.

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    JD - Did you ever make a decision? I'm in the same boat - PODS looks much nicer which may mean I'll prefer to use it. But Codewarrior seems to be the de facto IDE.
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    Yah. I went with Codewarrior 9.3. PODS does indeed look better and I honestly think the editor _is_ better. I was swayed by the debugger issue mentioned above, by the abundance of Codewarrior samples, by the relative maturity of the product, and not least by Ben Combee's suggestion that it's still the best way to develop non-Cobalt apps.

    All that said it was an _extremely_ close call. I'm keeping PODS installed and will port a project from time to time. I expect that the day will come when it'll be better unless Metrowerks decides to update Codewarrior.
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    I think I'll do the same. Although Ben might be a bit biased since he was a lead developer on the Palm Codewarrior wasn't he? ;-)
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    Yep, he was. However, at the time he wrote the posting I mentioned he was working on PODS at PalmSource. Really, the main point he mentioned was that Codewarrior had a somewhat better compiler and could segment apps much more easily. For what I'm doing I doubt either will matter much.

    For me the bottom line was Codewarrior maturity and the abundance of readily compilable examples. I'll be watching PODS over the next couple releases.

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