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    I'm not a newbie by far, but I'm stumped, here.

    I took a picture of a friend today -- from within the Contacts app -- then I clicked the "Save" icon. Showed him the pic, and he didn't like it, so I clicked on the photo (again, within the Contacts app), took a 2nd pic, and clicked "Save" again. He liked that one, so I turned off the display.

    Then, a few minutes later, I decided to e-mail the pic to him, so I clicked on the photo, thinking it would be displayed full-size on the screen, and then I could send it (the way you do in the Camera app); but when I selected "Photos" and scrolled through the contents -- NEITHER photo was there!! I checked both the internal memory and my card, but NADA. Then -- to add insult to injury -- while scrolling through the photos, looking for the missing ones (still from within the Contacts app), I accidentally touched one of the preexisting photos -- and it replaced the 2nd pic of my friend that I had taken!!!

    I have looked everywhere that I can think to look, but can't find EITHER pic anywhere in the Treo!!!

    This makes no sense to me -- that I *saved* both photos, yet by just selecting another photo to be *displayed* with the contact, the previous photo is actually DELETED?!? That can't be right, can it? If I've selected a photo for my wallpaper, then later select a different photo, the first photo isn't deleted, it remains in the Camera app!! So what happened here? Shouldn't the photos in the Contact app remain in the memory, to be viewed/selected at a later time?

    How the heck does this work? Anyone???

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    I am a newb, so someone else will have to tell you exactly where the pictures from the contacts app are stored. I didn't even know you could take pictures from anywhere but the camera app. But, I can confirm that if the pictures are not stored in "Media," as soon as you delete them from wallpaper, backround or contacts, they do indeed disappear. I think their in the wallpaper cache, but never really cared to find out. I save all media directly to the card.
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    Contact photos are stored directly in the contacts database (ContactsDB-PAdd). I don't know of any way to extract them outside of the contacts application.

    I you have a file explorer like Filez, you can see the jpeg data in the contact records. It follows the name/address/phone data, and is revealed by the presence of the jpeg header characters 'JFIF'. That would explain why taking a new photo obliterates the old - only one photo per contact allowed.

    Also, if you sync to MS Outlook (as I do), you'll notice the jpeg file attachment for each contact which has a photo on you Treo. Actually, I suppose that's how you can extract the photos, if you sync to MS Outlook. Does the Palm Desktop app shows the contact photo, too?
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    dan, i sync w/Outlook 2003 and I notice it will only transfer images from outlook not from the treo into outlook. have u noticed this too?
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    Jocamero, I'm not sure exactly what you mean. I'm using Outlook 2002. All of my contact photos started out on my Treo. I noticed some time later, after hotsyncing, that the photos were attached to my Outlook records.
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    I feel very silly now. My 'problem' is fixed. After I had some other issues w/my treo i reinstalled the palm software but somehow it reverted to syncing w/the palm desktop instead of Outlook. The only thing I was changing were the contact pics so I didn't even notice this change! Set it to sync in Outlook and it works like a charm! Cool feature!
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    There is some discussion on this at including file sizes:

    The saved photos (thumbnails) are in small files. You need to take a separate photo and reference it in the contact to see it full scale.

    Someone has listed the file name. I just forget exactly, but something like contacts pbd????

    Do a search and report back.

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