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    It took me about 5 times of sending in the Treo 600 until I got one that did not have problems. I'm very happy with the machine now.

    My question is:
    Are the 650s solid or will I have to swap them many times until they start making good ones? I can get the 650 for $450 with a rebate. Is it worth the upgrade?

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    I went through three 600's in about a year. The first one had loud buzzing after a few months. The second one lost the touch screen calibration every other day or so. The third one was solid (and it's now on auction on e-bay).

    I got my 650 a week ago. The two biggest reasons for upgrading IMHO are bluetooth and the screen.

    I have an Acura TL with bluetooth so I'm really enjoying being able to use the phone through the car's built-in hands free system (which also ties into the navigation system). Another bluetooth killer-app is being able to use my phone as a wireless modem to allow me to access the Internet with my laptop via the phone. I travel a fair bit and my days of sitting in an airport without Internet access are now over.

    The screen is light years ahead of what you get with a 600. Go to your local cingular or sprint store and compare them, you'll be amazed.

    The other benefits include the removable battery, the much improved (and now usable) camera, the improved phone interface, and the much improved keyboard (better backlighting, feel, and button layout).

    I've only had it a week so I can't answer the reliability issue. I'm hoping it is more stable, but who knows. It seems as if most of the early bugs were software related, and they have been mostly worked out.

    Is it worth the upgrade - that's up to you. For me it was.
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    Thanks for your opinion ibeplato. I made it to a Sprint Store. I found out that I have to switch my phone service to the new device or they wont sell it to me. If I prefer to do the swap, I want to bring my laptop with me to do the hotsynch right in the store. I lost information when they once tried moving data from one TREO 600 to another. Luckily I had my Backup Buddy sw on my datacard and restored the missing data.

    I think I will wait a while to see if something newer is in the works. I notice a pattern in that PalmOne releases new hardware in NoV, DEC, Jan very often and rumors about what will be available start showing up around June. I think I 'll wait the three months. Also I notice it is good to buy the Palm or PalmOne stock around July --> Aug because when the new product is announced the stock goes way up.

    Who knows? I may be driving or walking by a Sprint store and just decide to get the 650. I'm very undecided.

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