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    ibam curious. does the device 600 or 650 make a difference in the download speed of shoutcasts?. My 600 is always trying to catch up and rebuffer itself. I always use 24-48kbs.
    is it the 600 or Tmobile?
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    well, if you're in california, it does make a difference
    no rebuffer here in california, using shoutcast on tmobile
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    I am in denver. Where Tmobile was out for 12 hours
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    YES IT DOES!!!

    I'm with Sprint and this is one of the great things about the T650.

    With my T600 I also had to deal with buffering all the time. Now with my T650 the same stations almost never buffer when I listen to them. I think it is because the T650 has a faster processor.

    Also with the T650 you can use a better PocketTunes skin .

    If you are big into streaming I would say RUN don't walk to get a T650.
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    for both sprint and cingular on a treo 650, with 4 bars, i couldn't stream anything over 64k without buffering. My next move is verizon ev-do on the xv6600, t650 just can't satisfy a SERIOUS streamer. I plan on streaming video+audio to my pocket pc phone @ 300+ kbps. That's right. Step down.

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