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    this is the situation that I'm having: I bought my unlocked 650 from PalmOne and
    the first unit was defective, they setup an exchange and have sent me a new unit. But, the second is defective as well(dead pixels). So, I called back, and they told me that Palm has changed the policy, so I would have to get my prepaid label from them, ship back the unit and then re-order again. Is this normal? Any suggestions?
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    I was told that the exchange program is available if the return occurs within 15 days of receipt. Otherwise, you've got to ship your unit back and re-order. There seems to be consideration for selected circumstances. For example, my recent exchange was approved even though 17 days had passed, as a couple of days were spent working with Palm technical support.
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    that sucks though, I mean what happened to the 30days? it sucks that we have to send back the unit and then re-order the whole thing.
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    I'm tired of resetting my treo 650 in always since I bought it from day 1......

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