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    So I picked up my Treo 650 yesterday, and when I got home I realized the manual and cd had been removed from the box. I called back to the Cingular store, they didn't have any other units to remove the book/cd from, so they were going to have to order it. So now, I have to wait another week in order to do anything useful with this blasted thing... because the hotsync software cannot be found ANYWHERE.

    Does anyone know if this software is actually available for download somewhere? Or do I really have to wait a week for a freak'n 5 cent cdrom to make this 500 dollar device usefull???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Unfortunatley the Palm software for the 650 is not yet available to download from P1's support site. I would return it! Get your money back and go to a different store.
    I know that's probably easier said then done....
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