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    so, i've read the threads on how the bt800 is not fully compatible with the treo 650. But, is has anyone here tried a combo of the a210 with the bt800 for their treo 600? This should work, right? perhaps the caller id may not work, but this shouldn't have the same delay problem that people are seeing with the 650, right?
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    in theory that's right. the jabra bt800 was supposedly tested with the a210... in my experience it seems like the lag problem is related to the phone going into sleep mode... if i use my phone for web surfing and then make/receive a call- the transfer is instant and i get caller id... if the phone is sleeping and i make/receive a call within a few seconds of turning it on- i get the huge lag time
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    The Treo 600 is not BT compatible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nchargreed
    The Treo 600 is not BT compatible.
    correct, but the jabra a210 is a bluetooth adapter for non-BT phones.... thus, my question.

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