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    When I go to add my phone to the BT list on my Mac in the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, it says "There were no supported services found on your mobile phone." This is where the list of 3 options are(set up iSync to transfer contacts and events, Use with Address Book, and Access the Internet with your phone's data connection).

    This used to work, but now doesn't. I've messed with using iSync to reset all devices, etc. When I use my USB cable, the events in my iCal are not going to my Treo any longer.

    I even tried to set my Treo up as "Other Device" and that gives the same screen.

    Has anyone else experienced this or have suggestions?
    Apple iPhone 8GB
    Apple 15" Macbook Pro 2.33 Ghz C2D
    Retired Treo 650
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    If you want to setup your Treo with your Mac, the best way (IMO of course) is to enable Dial Up Networking if you can (depends which 650 you got), and then EXIT the Bluetooth Preference Pane or application (you cannot connect while in it!)

    THEN... run the Bluetooth Setup Assistant on your Mac... it should detect the Dial Up Networking and allow you to choose "Access the internet...." but not the other two (it never will IMO).

    After this is complete, you can disable DUN and use Bluetooth File Exchange or Bluetooth HotSync to your fancy.
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    I just ran into this same very problem; Sprint 650 used to sync everything just fine using Missing Sync, got DUN up and running and now decides not to do anything.

    In checking Missing Sync's help section, I was able to get everything running again by redoing the "Connection" setting in the Treo's preferences. Try setting up a new, custom setting (PC via Bluetooth). It should work after that.

    Lemme know if you're still having problems.

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